Store tours are only available at our Tri-Cities, WA locations only.

What do kids love more than pizza? Touring a Papa John’s Pizza store and making their own Papa John’s Pizza afterwards! Your locally owned Papa John’s Pizza store in Tri-Cities offer tours for young kids. Whether it is a daycare, preschool, elementary class, church group or summer camp group we can help!

We have locations in Richland, Pasco and Kennewick and can provide your group of kids a special tour around the store where they get to see where we cut our vegetables fresh every day and get to see our huge inventory of Pepsi products and go into the walk-in cooler to see all our better fresh ingredients. They will learn fun facts about pizza and get to see the entire pizza operation! We will even tell them about the day we made over 1000 pizzas in one day!

After the tour we will allow each child, with a little help, to make their very own small pizza! They love sprinkling on the fresh mozzarella cheese and adding pepperoni slices. They get so excited when they see their personally made pizza coming out of the oven. You will never see a bigger smile then a child holding their own pizza that they made!

There is no cost for the tour, we only charge for the pizza they make. We even provide a special discount of 50% off regular price for these small pizzas on this pizza tour! The regular price for a small pizza starts at $7.99 each, but you get 50% off on the tour! We can accommodate a group from 8 to 40 kids. We are pretty flexible on times but find between 10:30am to 12:00pm works best. We want every kid to experience the magic and fun of a Papa John’s Pizza store!

If you are interested in learning more or setting up a tour, please contact Preston at! We look forward to making pizza with you!