What is it?

Papa John’s School Pizza Days are an opportunity to help raise money for the schools. All you have to do is order pizza on the specified day using the school’s unique promo code and we will donate 15% of your order to the school!

How does it work?

Anytime on your school’s pizza day, simply go online to www.papajohns.com and place an order. You will need to sign in or create an account, enter your school’s unique promo code, then choose your pizzas and sides and complete the checkout process. If you do not use the code the school will not get 15% of your order. The code not only links your order to the school’s fundraiser but also is necessary to qualifying for the bounce back promotion (see below).

Who can participate?

The code can be used by anyone at any of our four Tri-Cities locations, so feel free to share with all of your local friends and family!

Can I use coupons?

Absolutely! The flyer sent home from school has a couple great coupons on it, but we also have a special offers page on our website with several great deals! Unfortunately, if you have any offers that are a percentage off deal, they will not work with this fundraiser due to how they are set up online.

What is the bounce back promotion?

Just to sweeten the deal we are offering our Papa Rewards members the opportunity to earn a free side item (cookie, garlic knots, cheese sticks) for your next order! Simply place an order on the school’s pizza day totaling $15 or more and you will have 10 papa points added to your account the following day. Those 10 points are enough to get a free side item! While the 10 points does qualify for a free side, they are just like any other papa points and can be saved until you have accumulated enough for a pizza. If you are not currently a member of our Papa Rewards program it is free and easy to sign up. Plus, every time you order pizza online in the future you will earn more points towards free pizza! For full details on Papa Rewards go to: https://www.papajohns.com/order/papa-rewards.