Papa John’s Pizza is the official pizza of your community! We love this great Tri-Cities community and want to make it a better place one pizza at a time! We have designed a few fundraiser options to help individuals, groups, teams, clubs, schools and organizations raise money for great causes.

fundraiser-cardOption 1 “Fundraiser Cards”:

This fundraiser is great for small groups like sports teams or clubs. We provide you a “Fundraiser Card” to resell. The card is good for a free pizza when you buy one. This can be used 12 times. We sell these cards to you for only $3 each and you resell them for $10 or more. $10 is the most common price they are sold for. You are free to sell them for up to $15 each but cannot sell them for less than $10. This gives you at least $7 per card sold. We can provide any quantity of cards you would like. However, we do not buy back cards that have not been sold. So start with a smaller amount and buy more after those are sold. Minimum of 50 cards are sold at a time. At left is what the business card size fundraiser card looks like, front and back. The card is valid at all 4 Tri-Cities locations; new cards will be updated with new locations.

Option 2 “Daily Fundraiser”:

We provide your group with a set, one to three-day time period, fundraiser. The time period is based upon the size/need of the organization. Over that time period we donate 15% of each order to you. We create a special promo code for you, for example a fundraiser code for Salvation Army could be “salvationarmy”. When that promo code is used at during that time period to order pizza we provide the customer ordering a 20% off discount and then we donate 15% of their order total to you! This is available for all delivery and carryout orders; all orders must be made online to qualify. We create a flier for you to print and hand out as well as a digital flier for email, text, website and social media. Get the word out and watch the money come in!

Option 3 “Pizza Re-Sell”

We sell you a heavily discounted pizza for you to resell by the slice at an event to raise funds. This fundraiser is customized depending on the event and group doing the fundraiser. You can make up to $10 per pizza sold! This fundraiser is more complicated than the previous two and will require a reasonable sized event to make it successful. Some examples of events could be a school football game, School Carnival or a Church Activity. We will help you determine the quantity of pizzas you will need and at what price you should sell them.

Papa John’s also has a fundraiser designed just for Elementary schools. For all the details, click here.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping make a difference in Pasco, Richland and Kennewick!

If you have further questions or would like to start one, please fill out the form below.

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