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    HitFilm Pro is a professional video editing software solution that offers you all the tools and effects you need in order to create amazing movies.
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  7. Ratings


    Impresso Pro is a professional digital image editor, combining several adjustable elements with the potential to turn a simple photo into a true masterpiece.
    It includes features such as canvas creation, multiple photographic layer support, color balance and exposure adjustments, artistic brushes, one-click and automatic retouching tools, as well as layers, masks and compressions.

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    For those looking for a top-notch disc burner, Portable ImgBurn is one of the best tools available. Like any other program of its class, you need to choose a certain image file format, then launch the burner and drag-and-drop images, music, videos, text files or documents to their destination.
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    If you run Android on Nexus you can choose winmax, space or device avg.

    Install the plugin:
    `cordova plugin add

    Do not forget to update your `package.json`.
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    Nevertheless, you have to note that MusicLab RealEight is only compatible with macOS 10.12 and higher.

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    Color Scheme Designer | Colors Scheme Designer – Fonts.com

    11. Mondrian Colors 16 Design

    Mondrian Colors is a free tool that allows users to create endless color schemes and layouts based on the Mondrian color theory. Users can select over 900 colors from the heap of web-safe colors, choose between five different layout schemes, and even use Excel and Powerpoint charts.
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