Rascal-Instagram-Pizza-Fundraiser-300x300We are proud to announce we have partnered up with Rascal Rodeo and Tri-Cities Fever to offer a great pizza community fundraiser on April 14th.

On April 14th all profits from our 3 locally owned Papa John’s Pizza locations in Tri-Cities will be donated to Rascal Rodeo. Additionally Tri-City Fever players will be out delivering pizzas in Pasco, Kennewick and Richland from 5-7pm with participants and board members of Rascal Rodeo. To order, call in or order online for delivery at www.yourpapajohns.com!

Rascal Rodeo is a 501c3 organization that produces exceptional rodeos with real life cowboys & cowgirls sharing the adrenaline rush & sense of accomplishment of the western way of life with special athletes who fight battles in a different arena. Their mission is: “Willing Hearts Outstanding Abilities” Proving that people that may be seen as someone who can’t do something because of a “disability” can do it!

You can find out more about Rascal Rodeo at www.rascalrodeo.org!

We look forward to your support of this fun and exciting pizza fundraiser for the Tri-Cities community!