Five new options feature favorite customer flavors for under 300 calories per slice

Options. We all want them. Whether it’s on our cars, our phones, our computers, or our menus, we want options. We want the power to choose…flavor…freshness…food quality—and foods that are better for us. Yet with so many choices, that can be a challenge, especially after facing the challenges of the day.

Papa John’s wants to make it easier to make good choices and enjoy great pizza—by adding new menu items and a new way to see just what we’re putting on our plates…or pizza. How? By using our eyes to take in a delicious array of ingredients and our keyboards to use an online nutritional calculator. It’s easy!

As we create the perfect pizza with prompts and drop-down menus, Papa John’s Nutritional Calculator will track our choices and calculate serving size, calories, and nutritional facts. We can make thoughtful choices without having to think too much, or take more time away from our families…time better spent enjoying a pizza with those we love!

Papa’s Lighter Choices Include:

Mediterranean Veggie

Chicken & Veggie

Grilled Chicken & Canadian Bacon

Tropical Luau

Hawaiian Chicken

Of course, we still have all of our other delicious menu items, so exercise your options—and enjoy!

Papa’s Lighter Choices menu options are now available for online and in-store orders. You’ll find them marked on the menu with a red banner.