At Papa John’s Tri-Cities, we’re proud to be locally owned and operated, meaning that the owner of these stores, Preston House, lives and works in the very community that he serves, Tri-Cities. Preston has a strong commitment to provide an amazing experience to each pizza customer. He is also passionate about his 80 team members he employs in Pasco, Richland and Kennewick. Providing a great experience for the team is just as important as providing a good experience for the customer.

Many people ask; how can these stores be locally owned, Papa John’s Pizza is a Worldwide Brand? Doesn’t Papa John, the guy on the commercials own these stores? Not all franchises are the same and it can be confusing. Let’s clear it up. Preston does in fact own these locations in Tri-Cities. He was just given the right to use the Papa John’s Name and recipes. However, it is his business, he is the decision maker. His decisions are focused on what will be the best for his team, his customer and this community. What about the other franchise pizza places here? Some are locally owned, and some are owned by bigger corporations that are not in the Tri-Cities.

Why Locally Owned Businesses Matter:

  • Compared to box stores, local businesses recycle a significantly larger share of revenue back into the local economy.
  • Local businesses create community-based jobs and often provide higher salaries than large corporations.
  • Local ownership ensures that key decisions are made by those who live in the local community and will inevitably feel the impacts of those decisions.

Giving Back

As a locally owned and operated pizza delivery and carryout business in Tri-Cities we help build a strong, relationship-driven Tri-Cities community by contributing to local causes. We have been blessed with the opportunity to help dozens of local nonprofits! Not only that but we strive to support other locally owned businesses and keep the dollars here in Tri-Cities.

One of our customers said it best…

“I know you get a lot of flack for not being a “local” restaurant, but you do more for this community than 90% of any other locally owned businesses in town. Keep up the great work.” -Ryan

We love being part of this great community and hope we can earn your business!