With the school Spring breeze giving way to warm sun-rays, there is probably no better time to enjoy your favorite delectable signature Papa John’s Pizza in the best picnic spots in town. Probably sitting in a freshly mowed cushioned bed of grass at one of your favorite local Tri-Cities, WA parks. Here in the Tri-Cities, WA we have a variety of fun outdoor activities, nature trails and parks. This got us thinking here at Papa John’s Tri-Cities about the best places to enjoy an outdoor pizza picnic.


Photo Courtesy of Port of Kennewick

Clover Island in Historic Downtown Kennewick Picnic Spot

Port of Kennewick’s Clover Island Marina in Kennewick, WA is a quaint riverfront area located along the southern shore of the Columbia River between the “Blue Bridge” and “Cable Bridge.” The Marina is a perfect spot to throw down a blanket, enjoy some delicious pizza, and even take in some of the breathtaking sunsets. There’s also easy access to the 23-mile paved Sacagawea Heritage Trail, perfect for walking, jogging or biking.


Photo Courtesy of Visit Tri-Cities

Bateman Island Lookout on Columbia Park Trial

This little spot overlooking the Columbia River and Bateman Island has sweeping views of natural habitat and is also a great birdwatching spot. Lewis and Clark mentioned Bateman Island in their journals in 1805. The lookout features a little gazebos with information on the Lewis and Clark trail. The island is home to many species of wildlife, including deer, birds, carp in the wet season, and many small animals. It’s also a great spot for recreational activities include fishing, bird watching, and hiking. Although you shouldn’t eat or leave behind waste in a natural area like this. The lookout on Columbia Park Trail has enough shade to enjoy Papa John’s Pizza with a great view.


Photo Courtesy of Trip Advisor

Columbia Park in Kennewick, WA Picnic Spot

The Columbia Park is a 400-acre recreational area on the shoreline of the Columbia River. As a fun fact, Columbia Park was the site of the discovery, in July 1996, of the Kennewick Man, 9, 400-year-old remains of a prehistoric human male. The park offer a tranquil spot for relaxing, plenty of outdoor seating, picnic tables, and green grass for putting down a picnic blanket. The park consists of the fantastic Playground of Dreams, a family fishing pond, aquatic playground, a train ride, boat launches, a ropes course, BBQ facilities, and a natural area. If you’re in Richland, you can also visit Howard Amon Park, which has plenty of outdoor tables and picnic spots.


Photo Courtesy of Washington Wildlife & Recreation

Chiawana Park in Pasco, WA

Pasco has a lot of other great Picnic spots you can enjoy Papa John’s Pizza – like Chiawana Park. Amenities include walking and cycling paths, picnic areas. There is also a wooded area with plenty of open space. This is a good spot for bird-watchers. There are plenty of birds to see year-round. With convenient locations and flexible pickup and delivery options, Papa John’s Tri-Cities is best option when you want to share a delicious meal with friends and family while sharing the great outdoors. Remember to check out our great PayShare to split the cost of your pizza! Do you have any great picnic spots you recommend?