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Who in the Tri-Cities wants to earn free pizza from Papa John’s Pizza?

Papa Rewards is Papa John’s Pizza’s loyalty program! By becoming a member, you can earn free pizza, sides and desserts! Anyone can sign up by simply creating an account on papajohns.com and enrolling in Rewards. Plus, you can use your reward points at any store in the country not just Pasco, Richland and Kennewick locations.


Better pizza means a better rewards program. When you order online you will earn points that can be redeemed for free pizza and side items! Earn 1 Papa Reward point for every $5 you spend, including tax and delivery fee! You can start redeeming Cheesesticks, Breadsticks, Garlic Knots, Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks, Cookies, Brownies and Cinnamon Pull Aparts for just 10 points! The more you order, the faster you will earn! You can redeem a Medium 2-Topping pizza for just 15 points!


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Be on the lookout for “Perks,” Papa Rewards Perks occur throughout the year. October is National Pizza Month. We are celebrating with our Papa Rewards Pizza Month Promotion right now! Now through November 5th earn 25 bonus rewards points by spending $15 or more. You must order online and use promo code “BonusPizza” to earn the free pizza. Your points will be available the day after your qualifying purchase and can be redeemed for a free Large or Pan 3-Topping Pizza!


Papa Rewards even has a Birthday Perk! On the first week of your birthday month you will receive an email reminding you to use your Birthday Bonus Points! That’s right, you get 10 Bonus Papa Rewards points to redeem any day during your birthday month! Throw yourself a birthday party everyone will remember on the day that works with your schedule!

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Want to know the best part? Base Papa Rewards points never expire! The only points that expire are bonus points such as Perks, and Birthday Bonus points.

You already enjoy getting hot, fresh pizza delivery. You should be rewarded for ordering pizza with more pizza!

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